M&A Research

West Pier Partners work with M&A firms to provide critical project services such as acquirer research and contacting. Using our resources, including international company and M&A databases, we identify key strategic buyers for businesses looking to exit. Our buyer network is global in nature and developed through considerable due diligence.

Due to our background our research and profiling techniques are highly focused, typically identifying a shortlist of acquirers along with detailed rationale and financials to highlight to clients they have the necessary means and motivation to conclude a transaction. Our background is in corporate finance not brokerage, hence we are highly averse to mass marketing, as it is an ineffective way to conduct an exercise, moreover clients run the risk of customers, suppliers and employees being notified.

Bespoke Software
Bespoke Software
Our bespoke CRM software developed by our in-house software specialist allows us to provide clients with 24/7 live updates on any interactions with potential acquirers and timelines on any deliverables.
Attention To Detail
Attention To Detail
We understand the expectations that leading advisors have because our team cut their teeth working for them. This allows us to be best placed to ensure everything is in hand and clients expectations are exceeded.
Focused Research
Focused Research
We pride ourselves in putting in the necessary hours and diligence in identifying left field acquirers for our clients that would not typically appear relevant. This is further bolstered by our global network of advisers.
M&A Documentation

West Pier Partners are highly experienced in drafting client facing documentation for M&A and Private Equity firms. Our team have a breadth of experience in creating these documents in house at leading M&A firms.

These include documents such as:

Information Memorandums
Executive Summaries
Pitch Documents
Research Documentation
Deal Origination
West Pier Partners work with private equity firms and acquisitive businesses to generate attainable acquisition opportunities. We originate proprietary (off-market) and non-proprietary (on-market) deal opportunities via our dedicated deal origination services, M&A advisory and Accountancy networks.
M&A Advisory Contacts
Business On Our Systems
Professional Services Contacts
Market Research and Analysis

Our qualified research analysts have been working in M&A advisory for many years for FTSE 100 clients and as such understand the necessity to conduct granular analysis when working on market research. We pride ourselves in bringing to light left field opportunities to our clients that are not initially obvious at the inception of a project.

Furthermore, we have access to costly global research software and systems that allow us to further enhance our services.

Our Approach

We establish relationships in a highly professional and thoughtful way with target companies, so we can seamlessly introduce our clients, which ultimately saves time within the deal origination process. We have a professional approach with everything we do, ensuring we uphold the reputation of the clients we work for. Our experience in M&A at top tier advisory firms has us well placed to have a clear understanding of the importance to meeting timelines and not meeting but exceeding clients expectations.